What does your motion sound like?

We present DJBoard, combining skateboarding and DJ music
mixing, to make skateboarding more enjoyable and creative.

When skateboarders play DJBoard in different motions,
which trigger various musics, DJBoard mixes them into a track.

Simple Actions

Trigger music by simple actions. Either beginner or professionl can be DJ, making lifeful music

Customized Music

Show your individual characteristics by creating your own style music and different ways to mix

Phone Connection

Music played from your mobile phone, which records and transforms your moves to mapping tracks

What have we made?

Made with Arduino

We use Arduino Uno as the main hardware, to connect and communicate with various sensors, and observe the skateboarder's behaviors.

Connected with mobile devices

The Arduino on the board is connected with mobile phone through bluetooth. We built an Android app to play the music and mix the tracks.

Infrared Sensor

When the board starts moving, the IR sensor will be triggered and starts to play music. It also tracks the velocity simultaneously. As the player speeds up, it layers up different musics to play together.

Ultrasonic sensor

There is another channel of sound that will be triggered by ultrasonic sensor. When the distance between hands and the sensor change, the equalizer of the music will change as well.


With a Gyroscope, we collect the data of the orientation and rotation angle of the board. Then we recognize if the board is moving straightly, spinning or fliping.

Pressure Sensor

We use multiple pressure sensors to acquire the position of the feet of the player, and check if the board is in the air. Combining them with other sensors' informations, we know the trick the player is playing.

Who we are

We are from CSIE, National Taiwan University.